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Oahu January 05 with the Lawrence's

What can we say, Ohau day one. What could be more important!

If one is good, 3 are oh my aching head in the morning.

Mytie anyone?

Oh well if the others are going to have 3 I might as well also.

The guys of course showed great restraint and only had beer.

Two Vancouverains demonstrating the cheek to cheek.

Just another crumby day in paradise.

Heading for the North shore. Started out great.

Ok, we're smiling, can we get in the car now!

Over by Laniakea Beach

One of the local gecko's enjoying the sun

On the beach at Lanikai. What a beautiful beach.

Palm's swaying in the breeze

It started out a beautiful day, but by the time we got to the North shore, it was nasty.

We thought it best to stay out of the water.

Not only that, but the wind was chilly.

Donna @ Shark's cove. The rollers were really coming in.

Spectacular breakers.

Again, what is it about watching waves.

Of course, we could not pass up the best little burger house on the North Shore. Big improvement from last year.

Good food, better company

Can't stop to each without getting some exercse shopping.

Greg and the King.

On another day, we went to the South West end of the island

Should we? You go first, No, you can go first.

To late!

Makaha has a beautiful beach that is hardley used.

What would paradise be without it hamburgers?

Massive line up, so we had Donna hold our spot.

Now you children must follow the house rules.

Meanwhile at the back of the line, we patiently waited our turn

Waikiki beach from the Diamond Head end.

What can I say, I like being a tourest.

Another picture of Waikiki looking down the beach.

Diamond Head

Just 2 diamonds

Never to old for an Anniversary

40 Years they claim

In front of the Waterfall in the courtyard of the Banyon

Fancy limo no less!

Cardinal, not the RC type, greated us at Ko'olau Golf course

Not a place for the faint of heart or enought golf balls. If you golf, look up the slope at their website.

Our final walk on the beach.

It was sad to realize that after tomorrow, it would only be a memory.

Donna and Greg were going to miss us to?

So to the Aloha Tower we went.

Hay the best way to get rid of the bluse is to feed them.

Sat on the terras, got 2 complementary bottles of wine with a not bad meal! You had to be there.