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Photo Gallery

The Big Island with the Bradley's

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Drinks, who could ask for anything more!

Banana Seed Pod

Evening in the pool, Josh, Gary & Barrie

Sea turtel at Black Sands Beach

Enterance to Thurston Lava Tube

Inside the lava tube

Looking into the caldara at Volcano National Park

Steam vents at the Valcano park. To hot to touch.

Gary and Barrie at the summet of Volcano Park.

Elevation marker at the summet of Volcano Park

Josh advertising the Pixie's

Oops, someone let the lava out and it ran over the road

Plume of smike coming from valcano. Had to walk through it ot get to the lava flow.

At night you could see the red glow of the lava.

Supper with Norm Cinch and friends at Bradley's. Linda had broken her arm the week before at the airport in Oahu.

Display of athletic powers. Spoon hanging.

This is cheating, spoon is to be vertical.

Nice looking tourest I picked up in Kona.

Not a nice looking visitor we had overnight. Centipide in glass picture.

Natives restored break water for fish pen. All stones were hand laid dry.

Kingdom Hall Kailua-Kona, finished last year.

Auditorum, sorry, the view out their window did not turn out.

Jim Ako, our dive instructor with Josh and Sharon.

Jim with Sharon and I.

Day of our dive certification. Misha Sperka from Old Hawaiian Coffiee did the certificaion dive.

Getting ready to get wet.

It was busy that day because of the holidays.

In the water and ready to decend.

Misha, Josh and Jim at the coffee plantation after our dive

Misha, Barrie and Jim @ Old Hawaiian Coffee

Misha showed us the bean when it is seperated from the fruit.

Misha showed us how they removed the fruit and seperate the bean.

This is the drying floor where the beans are dried before the husk is removed.

This machine is used to seperate the husk that is around the bean after drying.

It is then roasted in this electric roaster that Misha built. His place is 100% organic and he used goats to keep the weeds down.

Workers raking and moving the beans. Click on his link.


Coffee anyone. This is 100% origional Kona coffee. The trees were planted some 200 years ago.

Back in Kona, waiting for the sun to set. We had supper at the Kona Inn on the deck,

Beautiful sunset, to many clouds for the green flash. Didn't care, it was just to beautiful anyway.

Joe Hanks and I did a round of golf at the Kona Country Club

This is a par 3 hole on the back 9 of the mountain course.

Just to the right was this natural waterfall coming out of the lava.

Farewell breakfast with Gary and Linda. Has such a good time it was hard to leave.

But you know it's 5:00 somewhere and that's what time we got to Oahu.