Ellison Sinead Hohl                                     Hit Counter

    Born: September 1, 2006

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A new foot to Feed!

Such a small package.

First family photo with Ellison

Keaton the proud new brother

Beauty asleep

Ellsion at work!

When the work is done, more sleep

Proud new Auntie

Slept through the night, almost.

First picture with eyes wide open

Not that she is going to be spoilt

Poppa getting holding lesson from Carlee!

Dustin has his turn and holding Ellsion

Mom and Carlee

Day 6 ready for the outside world.

I think I'll catch another 40!

Dublin checks out the new baby.

Poppa gets to feed Elli, 11 days old.

New floor diggs!

With built in mirror!

Wide awake, day 11 of a wonderful life!

Here I am, 24 days old already!


Dustin makes a good brother to Ellison, and helps Mom with the feeding.

I came, I eat, now . .

I'm ready to be changed

Feel much better now, fed up and dry, but what's with the horse collar?

Poppa got the good job, and Dublin helped too.

Both took a rest.

What can I say, she is just a real gem.