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Welcome to a Paris boudoir.

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Started this project on December 17 and finished on January 15.

The Building Inspector

Walls are painted a brick brown which is more like a chocolate milk color. Pictures of Paris scenes.

New draperies surround the window and accent the bed.

Wrought iron stand supports brass pot with greenery in it.

Dog's bed disguised as a chair. With another Paris scene above.

Entrance to bathroom. We have decided to leave the door off and patch the holes from the hinges.

Black granite counter top with new sink and faucet with porcelain accents. Walls are in an old gold color. The light fixture has porcelain ends.

New clock that continues the Paris theme. Also we added a spot floor heater and the digital control is between the switch and plug.

Toto water closet with soft self-closing lid. No more banging seat in the middle of the nite.

Shower head with accent tiles from the floor tile and counter top.

Under a Paris in Springtime picture, a towel rack with porcelain knobs add elegance to the room. Notice the towels match the bedroom colors.

The inspector said well done, here is a bone for your effort.

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