Mom and Dad's 60th Anniversary was memorable    Back to Home Page

 with old friend and acquaintances.


Donna and Greg made all the arrangements

 and ordered a perfect day for the party.

The Invitation

The Young couple

Today, still looking good.

The chef and his apprentice. Great steaks boys!

What would an anniversary be without the cake?

And without speaches.

Mom and Dad sharing some of their wedding story.

The Batchelor Family

Carlee and Tishree

Don and Betty

Donna and Greg

Ray and Jean

Uncle Harold and Margerate

George and Naomie

Ruth and Diane

Anna and Orillia

Ernie & Marion

Joe and Jean

Danny and Yelond

Melany and Mathew

Still a good looking couple!

Kevin and Nicole

Carlee with Mom and Dad

Carlee and I

Sharon and the Girls the day Carlee left for home.

Three Generations in the swing of things.